If you’re a die-hard pizza lover and at the same time can’t compromise on health then this post is for you. Yes, we’re talking to you pizza lovers who can resist the temptation and ditching pizza seems like a sin. We understand how overwhelming it’s to leave something that is yummy and delicious. What if I say you can have your pizza occasionally but with some tweaks in the way you eat you can make it healthy. Sounds like fun, right? Stay tuned until the last and see how it can change the way you think and consume pizza. No wonder Pizza is one of best dish ever made in microwave oven. No invention can beat the taste of pizza ever.

  • The first and the foremost change you need are to make whole wheat flour. Replace your white flour crust with wheat dough to get some extra dose of fiber and yummy and nutty flavor.
  • Or even better use Matzo, ultimate thin crust pizza for a super-crispy and extremely delicious. You can also use left rice with a dash of flaxseed along with an Italian seasoning and there you got an easy and inventive crust.
  • When it comes to the special sauce, best is to make your own pizza sauce rather than buying from local stores which are loaded with sugar. Your homemade sauce will taste much better and satisfying.
  • For increasing the nutrition content add garlic and coconut with a pinch of salt. This increases the sweetness of a classically savory dish.
  • Go green with basil and increase the overall value of your meal. All you need is to make your sauce packed with fresh basil, healthy greens and some nuts and you’re sorted.
  • Consuming garlic is one of the simple and the easiest way to add to the health quotient of your meal. All you need is to make a garlic paste to evenly spread on your pizza crust.
  • Now the part is the toppings. The best part is to be easy with your selection of toppings. Go for classic sausage instead of usual pork. It’s much lighter on the plate and on your stomach as well.
  • Tofu is all time favorite topping for any pizza to add its protein value.
  • Add more veggies

The best way to increase the value of your pizza is to add more veggies in your pizza like onions, eggplant, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, beets, artichokes, peppers, sweet potatoes and the list is endless.

It might sound a little strange but you can go a little extra mile and add pineapple to your pizza along with avocado, apples, pears, strawberries, grapes.

These are our tiny tweaks to make your pizza not only taste good but fall as healthy as it gets for your body.

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